Terms & Conditions

  1. Orders are strictly executed in receipt of payment of order.
  2. Oom Polla se Winkel will not be bound by omissions, errors or printing errors on this form.
  3. Prices are valid until 1 February 2019 where-after it will be subject to change without notification.
  4. No exchange or return can be made on books with a black dot next to it.
  5. Should second hand stock be exhausted upon execution of the order, a new book will be supplied/ordered and the difference will be payable upon collection of the order. These orders are firm and cannot be cancelled by you.
  6. No order can be executed without full payment.
  7. If the payment reference number supplied to you is not used when making payment, it will cause delay and possible non-execution of your order/s
  8. If you have not received acknowledgement of receipt of your order within 5 working days please contact us. It is your responsibility to make sure your order is received by Oom Polla se Winkel.
    Should there be an amount payable upon collection of your order, it has to be settled before the order can be released.
  9. All merchandise remains the property of Oom Polla se Winkel until fully paid and part of an order cannot be released.
  10. All back orders which are not collected by 15th of October 2019 will be forfeited. No refunds.