1. Kindly ensure that you complete the order form correctly.
  2. Please tick the preferred box for collection or courier delivery.
  3. Orders are executed strictly in order of receipt of payment. Orders placed from December onwards, may experience that their back orders are in reprint at the publishers.  This can cause a delay of 8-12 weeks in delivery.  Orders placed in January experience even longer delays.
  4. Where a red/black • (dot) appears next to a title, you must ensure that the learner does not already have the title. Red/black dot books will not be exchanged or returned.
  5. On-line orders can be paid on the website via PayGate.
  6. If you have not received acknowledgement of receipt of your order within 5 working days, please make enquiries to (
  8. Only paid orders will be executed.
  9. If stock is depleted when your order is executed, a new book will be ordered for you. This is done to expedite delivery to you, and you cannot cancel it.
  10. We urge you to make use of the courier service.
  11. You will receive a SMS when your order is out on delivery by courier.
  12. Kindly endeavour to collect your order as soon as possible after receiving notification that is is ready for collection. We have limited space to keep orders.
  13. We send a SMS to notify you when back orders are invoiced. Schools are not willing to handle the back orders anymore, so it must be collected at the shop. Those orders placed before the end of November for courier delivery will have their back orders delivered at no extra cost.